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Design your own victorian bathroom suites

Design your own victorian bathroom suites

It appears that Victorian and vintage style washrooms are as famous as ever, and in all likelihood more prevalent than they were in their day. This does not come as a surprise seeing how they had no warm running water and the toilets were outside! However, we still find ourselves asking the big question: which items are best to create a Victorian style restroom? If you are considering investing in Victorian bathroom suites, here are some guidelines to help you through.


You will need vivid and vintage styled tiles that pop out. A great idea in style would include a dark enriching theme over a dazzling turquoise foundation. The tiles you choose can either depend on the tone of the bathroom as a whole or can stand out alone. They can be utilized as independent entities for highlight or consolidated with other stylistic layout tiles to make a full theme. After all, why not blend and mix multiple tile themes to make the finest Victorian bathroom suites?


Nothing very says extravagance like a detached shower or standalone bathtub. There are glorious choices such as the Winchester shoe shower that incorporates mythical lavish serpent paw feet, raising the tub off the ground. It also adds to the Victorian lavatory that you can incorporate as well.


Adding a radiator will complete the look for all Victorian bathroom suites. A choice pick is the Elizabeth radiator which easily makes many homeowners’ top choice. Not exclusively will the radiator keep your lavatory decent and toasty yet it looks astonishing, too. With an anodized cast press focus, it gives a genuine current contort on a customary radiator.