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Decorating your kitchen with drawers

Decorating your kitchen with drawers

Organizing a contemporary kitchen involves fixing cabinets at the right places as not all of us have a large kitchen to place all the modern appliances and items. Careful planning is a must. But beyond that, another doubt that arises is whether to use a cabinet with shelves or drawers. Is there a benefit of using kitchen drawers over sliding shelves? Yes, absolutely there is. This is because having drawers makes the best use of limited space as wastage is minimized to a large extent. Everything is right there in front of your eyes as you effortlessly glide a drawer.

Advantages of using kitchen drawers in lower cabinet:

When it comes to lower cabinets, drawers are the single best bet. In case of using shelves we always have tendency to stack up pots and pans with no discipline and it will became a hassle to bend and check out the back of the cabinet by opening two doors on a daily basis. Also there is an extra risk of damaging the doors due to frequent full force shutting. This can be avoided with drawers that fully extend all the way to the back providing easy access. Crockeries can be placed with a smooth ease in deep kitchen drawers. They can be custom built and can be kept very simple or with dividers in them to segregate items. The fronts of the drawer can either be lip-edged, over lay or flush. These days many manufacturers provide the option of adding a side, top or corner glide system that can nearly hold up to 100 pounds. Hardwood is the best choice for making the drawers and making use of metal bearings for the slides assures that the drawer feels tight inside the cavity.