Tuesday , 28 September 2021
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Cool furniture for every corner of your home

Cool furniture for every corner of your home

With the influx of people into to the cities, living space is becoming scarce and precious. So people have to make do with whatever space that is available. Gone are the sprawling homes with large living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms etc. Now it is the age of the studio apartments or the all-in-one rooms. The designers have risen to the occasion by coming up with cool multi functional furniture that are not only practical but, also good looking.

New from old

You don’t have the heart to throw that old well used study table handed down the generations but jut do not have the space to accommodate it. Don’t worry. You can still retain it by getting it remodeled. Designers remodel old tables to form new functional furniture without taking away from its beauty. The table can be transformed into a compact table with the shelves unfolding to form chairs! Huge dining tables can be converted to form kitchen cabinets with the dining table built into it such that it can unfold or be pulled out when needed.


The ottoman could hold a bed in it and can be transformed into a bed or a couch according to the need of the hour. The latest transformer on the block is the modular kitchen called “Stealth Kitchen”, which really is a kitchen in a box and is stealthy to boot. It looks like just any wardrobe but opens out into a full-fledged kitchen that can hold everything from the hob to the refrigerator to the dishwasher. How cool is that!!