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Best ways to use bathroom recessed lighting

Best ways to use bathroom recessed lighting

Bathroom recessed lighting is considered by many as a wonderful option to decorate a bathroom with. As much as it might exude a glowing and dreamy appearance to your bathroom, there are certain things to bear in mind before going ahead with this idea. For those of you who think one cannot possibly go wrong with bathroom recessed lighting, believe it or not there are rules and laws that determine what the right way for installing these is. Angles matter a lot in the matter of bathroom recessed lighting.

Placing bathroom recessed lighting right above your mirror may look wonderful and even romantic. However, many lighting experts and architects who have a valid say in the matter advise against placing recessed lighting right above your mirror. Not only does this cast deep shadows under your eyes and on your chin and neck, it also is the worst option to go for when applying make up or even shaving. In addition to that, it gives your face a very aged appearance and no one really wants that now, do they?

One way to use angles to your advantage is to light up a specific piece of decoration. If you have a piece of art or sculpture or a bouquet in your bathroom, you can use bathroom recessed lighting to accentuate it and shed more light upon it. You can do that with either ceiling recessed lighting or can recessed lighting. Depending on how you choose to play with your lights, you can always end up creating a wonderful aura from your bathroom.