Tuesday , 28 September 2021
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Beaded door curtains for my dining room

Beaded door curtains for my dining room

I am fashion worm by default and I want to incorporate fashion and style in each and every home accessory. I believe that without style life is colorless and boring. To keep the river of life flowing it need frequent supply of charm and aesthetics. This time I am trying to add some vitality to my dining area with beaded door curtains.

Versatility of beaded door curtains

Beaded door curtains are enough versatile that they can give eclectic view to any place they are hung. Offices, restaurants, bars and even domestically beaded door curtains are widely demanded. They beautifully enhance the splendor of any place. Depending upon the pace you have several options in respect of color, style, pattern and material. Wooden and acrylic beaded curtains are the most trendy beaded curtains all over world especially US. Placing crystal beaded door curtain at the doors of dining area will reflect light emitting seven colors of light showcasing the grandeur of dining area with much more intensity.

Privacy with beaded door curtains

Beaded door curtains are normally used for partition and for ornamental purposes. You can’t expect complete concealing with these curtains. However you can choose for such beaded door curtains with multiple strands which hinder the clear view to much extent. Although beaded curtains do not hinder in walking in and out of the room but if they do so simply tie them up with beautiful holders and rest of the time let them go untie creating a seamless pattern.