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Bathroom wall cabinets for managing space

Bathroom wall cabinets for managing space

Space management is the hot topic these days. You will find newspapers, magazines and websites loaded with techniques and tips for managing space smartly and efficiently. Few ideas are also discussed below for managing space and give smaller bathrooms a large look.

Bathroom wall cabinets

Bathroom wall cabinets are a great idea for keeping the floor free for other purposes. You can place towels and other toiletries within it. Placing mirror on the doors of bathroom wall cabinets will definitely open the space due to reflection. If you have bathroom wall cabinets made up of wood then you can match the color with doors ad vanities. You can organize different sections of cabinet well and maintain the neat and tidy look.

Other smart storage ideas

Adding vertical tower with multiple shelves and compartments will not only create additional space but will also give a new dimension to the bathroom. If you have place near console sinks then you can place large baskets filled with bathroom supplies. Vanities serve for another good storage device along with its prime purpose. Double door vanities with many compartments are an excellent way of storing. Not only it free space but also give eclectic look to bathrooms. You can also use drawer dividers for sorting you accessories more easily. Fancy flip down will not only create charm to your space but will also enrich your bathroom with your style statement. You can also place wall mount vases to place tooth brushes and oral care items.