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Bathroom storage solutions: ideas for small spaces

Bathroom storage solutions: ideas for small spaces

Some of the best bathroom storage solutions come from house owners who live in small spaces. After all what better advice to get regarding space than from someone who understands how precious it is? If you have a small bathroom and feel it is insufficient for most of the products and items you own, then it is time to spruce up your space and make enough room for all your necessities


Perhaps the most versatile of options, baskets provide the perfect space for bathroom storage solutions. They can easily be placed on counter tops or hung up against the wall. In all cases, baskets provide a safe and sufficient place for your bathroom supplies regardless of what they might be.

Corner cabinets

Corners were never considered to be of much use until this marvelous invention came around. One of the best bathroom storage solutions so far, these cabinets fit into your corners like a tight glove. An alternative to corner cabinets are corner racks which can easily be placed high above the ground cabinets and work just as well at providing much needed space.


Whether wire or wooden, racks can be hooked onto the wall or attached to cabinets to provide all that extra space you need. Beauty supplies are the best items to put in these bathroom storage solutions as they are lightweight and easily movable. You can also put scented candles, flower pots and other decorative items in these racks.

Making the best use of your bathroom storage space can either result in astonishing results or awful ones. You get to decide which it is.