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Bathroom storage cupboard: efficiently save space

Bathroom storage cupboard: efficiently save space

Just about every bathroom is equipped with a bathroom storage cupboard. However, not every homeowner is capable of making the most out of the space they have. Space saving is an actual art that most are not proficient in let alone aware of. The following are a number of tips to help you make the most out of your bathroom storage cupboard and improve your housekeeping skills in general.


Drawers are really a man’s best friend in terms of good housekeeping. Can you think of all the things that you can tuck away in a drawer out of sight yet so within reach in times of need? Toiletries is one of the top answers to this question. Sanitary pads, toilet rolls, emergency towels and wet wipes are all included under that category. Cleaning supplied are also great to tuck away into drawers for emergency times. You no longer need to keep them away in the shed or the garage. Simply make use of your bathroom storage cupboard’s drawers and stack them up high.


Not to be confused with drawers, the items you put on a shelf are different from those you can put in a drawer. Small flower pots, scented candles and shower supplies are all items that look better propped up on a shelf rather than placed in a drawer. Once you make a clear distinction between the items that work best up on display and those that need to be put out of sight, you will be able to easily make the best out of your bathroom storage cupboards.