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Add a woo-factor to a teen room

Add a woo-factor to a teen room

What makes a Teen Room awesome?

The Superman flying through the ceiling or the Batman standing in the backdrop, a teen room should resonate energy, fun and enjoyment. Embellish them with stars and the moon that represent your teenager’s aspirations and dreams. The room should be the child’s own world and space, where he or she can indulge in imagination and fantasies. Decorate it in a way that every time teenagers come back from school, they feel relaxed and happy.

Teen rooms that entertain

A teen room should have fun elements in it, like a stereo player or a play station. Casual bean bags to crash on, sofas and of course, a cuddly bed that hugs them lovingly at night. Decorate it with a study table and a bookshelf on top. Walls can be decorated with posters from their favourite movies, bands, and cartoon characters. A bluish theme can be used for boys with a pinkish tint would adore a girls room. If siblings share a room, bunker beds look pretty funky. Design the room in a way that even if an adolescent teenager going through some emotional turmoil, can forget it for some time.


So, while decorating a teen room, make sure that every element you add defines your teenage child and nurtures his or her dreams. It should be their slice of heaven in the big wide world. Also, add pictures and framed memories of family, so that they do not forget their roots.