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A guide to choosing bedside table lamps

A guide to choosing bedside table lamps

Like in any other room in your home, lighting in the bedroom is equally important. There are indeed different types of bedroom lighting that you need to consider. The fact that your bedroom is not only a place to sleep and rest makes it necessary to have a different type of lighting; bedside lighting of which bedside table lamps become very useful when you need to read or get ready for bed.

There are three very important issues that you need to consider when shopping for table lamps to place near your bed.


Bedside lamps provide for task lighting. They are only intended to light up what you read without disturbing your bedmate. You need to choose one of the right height to achieve this. It is therefore very important that you consider height of the bed to inform you of the right height of beside light to buy. Buying one of the right height will also go a long way in eliminating shadows as you read.


There are different types of bedside table lamps depending on material used in making tables, material used in making shades and type of bulb. It is important to consider all these while shopping so as to end up buying a bedside light stand is durable and will serve you well.


It is simply not enough to buy just any bedside table lamp. Table lamps give you many options from decorative point of view. You need to settle for one that will serve you well but will also serve to make your bedroom attractive.