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4 curtains designs to make your room salient

4 curtains designs to make your room salient

Curtains are important part of the general appearance of your interior space. When you are up to more contemporary or classic designs, then it’s time to think about the excellent curtains designs in existence. Classic or contemporary designs do not have to be plain white all the time, there are plenty of other charming designs to make your room lively and more welcoming. Here are a few curtains designs that are worth having a look at.

Hand carved curtains

This design is more of a shutter than just a mere curtain. Their filters are designed in a Moghul pattern making them efficient for shielding away sunlight for living room spaces with double height.

Ombre curtains

These are silk curtains that have an ombre dye that is custom made to create a lively spirit for your room décor. The curtains are white from the top and with a significantly attractive ombre dye beginning at the center part to the bottom. The curtain designs give your space a dramatic experience.

Quadrille curtains

These are curtains with a pattern play design made from quadrille fabric to give your walls a bold stand. They are particularly nice for smaller rooms and draw attention towards the windows, giving an illusion of roomier space.

Embroidered wool curtains

Embroidered wool curtains paired with gilded curtain poles create a striking model for a classic traditional theme. This design perfectly matches a room with a home with a rustic design.

The range of curtains designs is certainly endless, from the custom made designs to the sophisticated designs to match your preferences.