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4 awesome headboards for double beds styles

4 awesome headboards for double beds styles

If you are looking into investing in headboards for double beds, then it would be fair to first acquaint yourself with all the different types that exist. Given that there are over a dozen different types of headboards, you can easily make a far more informed decision if you conduct your research beforehand. Headboards are not just used for comfort. They are also used to add an element of beauty to the room.


This may sound absurd, but more and more people who live in small apartments are turning to bookcase headboards for double beds. It effectively cuts down on space as it incorporates two items into one highly functional furniture piece.

Wall Mounted

Unlike traditional headboards, the wall mounted headboards for double beds are far more versatile. They do not need to be proportional in size to the bed itself. It works as both a headboard and a stylish wall accent.


Alike the bookcase headboards, the headboards designed in the shape of shelves serve dual purposes. You can easily place items on the shelves above and decorate your room accordingly. The only think you need to take care of is being cautious that nothing drops on you while you are asleep.


Padded headboards for double beds are the new in. Available in a slew of designs and styles, you can add color and pop to your bedroom by opting for this convenient headboard. Its size does not depend on the size of the bed and it can go as high up as your ceiling.