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4 advantages of ceiling fans for low ceilings

4 advantages of ceiling fans for low ceilings

A lot of people regard ceiling fans for low ceilings as a terrible idea. In essence, it does pose a small safety risk, but if all the right precautions are taken then ceiling fans for low ceilings might just end up being a great idea. Here is a list of advantages for ceiling fans to help you reconsider your decision in refusing to buy them in the first place.

Lower Energy Costs

In comparison to air conditioners, ceiling fans use up far less energy. It can easily reduce your electric bill by 30 to 40 percent if you switch to them. They work differently than air conditioners where they create a current of air in the room instead of lowering the temperature.


Ceiling fans for low ceilings are more than just a commodity used for cooling purposes. The trend of using ceiling fans has been around since far too long that it has become a style driven accessory. They serve as a focal point in the room and even as a centerpiece.


Ceiling fans with lighting attached are becoming more and more popular by the day. The various lighting designs allow you to illuminate your room as well as collectively use the ceiling fan for cooling purposes in addition to a statement piece.

Year Round Usage

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans can even be used during the winters. What most people are unaware of is the fact that a clockwise current of air will push the warm air from the upper part of the room downward, without creating a draft.