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3 gorgeous decorative interior doors for refurbishing

3 gorgeous decorative interior doors for refurbishing

Every home has an exterior door that makes a statement. But what about interior doors? Most times interior doors are not given the same importance that they should be granted. If you are looking into sprucing up your living space, then invest in decorative interior doors. Not only does it give great potential to your house but you will also not be part of the crowd that dismisses interior doors as an unassuming part of the house.

Panel doors

One of the most popular types of decorative interior doors, panel doors have been around for quite a while. It has almost become a rule that the lesser the panels, the more modern a look the door will give. With hundreds of options available from panel sizing and numbers to panel decorations, you are bound to find yourself an item that you absolutely adore.

Flush doors

Also known as flat doors, these decorative interior doors do not have any panels in them. However, that does not make them any less desirable. The flat and minimalistic look is a great choice to have if you are going for a sleeker style. These doors work really well when placed in rooms that have more accompanying flat cabinetry.

Carved doors

Ornately carved decorative interior doors are probably the best kinds. Not only do they make a dazzling statement piece, but they add personality to the room they are placed in. Furnishings and wall covering cannot grant you with the same effect that these doors will give. Granted they do cost a tad bit more, but boy are they worth it!