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3 essential tips to selecting crib sheets

3 essential tips to selecting crib sheets

Making up your baby’s bed is a little different from your own. There are quite a number of differences between the two, from the additions and removals. For instance, the comforters as well pillow shams sold with baby’s cribs are not good for your baby and are added just for decorations. One thing that your baby’s crib won’t do without is crib sheets and a few more like mattress pads and allergen encasements. Anything else might cause suffocations and SIDS hence need not be in the crib.

Speaking of crib sheets, how do you know the perfect ones to choose considering that markets are flooded with different brands? Here are just a few highlights on the important considerations.

Choose snug fits

Your baby’s crib is their safety haven and need to remain that way. For the sake of safety, you need to choose crib sheets and other assortments that are snug fitting.

Choose washable

To make your work easier, just make sure anything you choose is machine washable. Machine washable sheets reduce the work of cleaning so that you can have more time to attend to other tasks. Not only sheets should be washable but pads and encasements as well.

Choose healthy options

About 70% of your baby’s first year is spent on the crib sleeping, hence the need to make it a healthy and gentle haven. This can be achieved by selecting crib sheets that are chemical free and organic. It’s common for sheets to be treated with formaldehyde which is not good for your baby’s health. Just ensure the sheets are certified as chemical free before making a purchase.