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3 budget friendly diy baby shower theme decorations

3 budget friendly diy baby shower theme decorations

Working on a budget but can be tough especially when it comes to celebrations and rejoicing. Baby showers are one such occasion where celebration is compulsory, yet if you are working on a budget this could dampen things. But, what if I told you that there are plenty of cheap and even DIY baby shower theme decorations which can easily be arranged for your upcoming baby shower? That’s right, follow the list below to see what your options are.

Baby Shower Diaper Wreath

The sound of that may be hilarious and even a little odd, but trust me when I say that the mother to be will be ecstatic to have that as a gift. Not only is it usable in every way possible, but it also incredibly easy to make. The tutorial offered goes through in detail asking for simply 3 main items which are easily available everywhere.

Diaper Bouquet 

Did you think a wreath was odd? A diaper bouquet is far too pretty to ignore. Granted it is a little more daunting than a diaper wreath, it is still far too easy in its own right. Truth be told, the main part of the DIY project is rolling diapers and sticking them in a jar, vase or bucket.

Baby Sock Clothesline

Any new mother will tell you how utterly important baby socks are to her. A baby sock clothesline makes for the perfect baby shower theme decorations and it is as easy as pegging socks to a clothesline. To give the best effect, hang them above the fireplace to give off that festive cheer.